Nepthys is the daughter of Geb and Nut. She is the twin sister of Isis (the sister-wife of Osirus). Her brother Set is her husband, and, in some variations of the myth, Anubis is their son. Nepthys is an assistive (but not passive) goddess of protection during transitions-assisting in childbirth, and helping newly-dead souls find their way to the underworld. She and her sister Isis are very close and work as a team-to protect the barque of the sun as it crosses the sky; to locate the pieces of Osirus's body after he is murdered and dismembered by Set; to care for the child Horus the Younger (Isis is described as his "birth mother," and Nepthys is described as his "nursing mother"). She is typically depicted as a human crowned with the hieroglyphs representing her name, which look something like a goblet, and indicate that she is the "Lady of the Temple Enclosure." Nepthys is often overlooked because of Isis's cult status, but she is every bit as powerful as her more well-known sister.




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