Set is the second son of Geb and Nut. In some variations of the myth, he is the twin brother of Horus the Elder. He is a god of the desert, storms and chaos. He is considered the Lord of Evil because he is jealous of his brother Osirus, and performs heinous acts in an attempt to acquire his throne. He is typically depicted as a human with an unknown type of animal head, with squared-off ears and a long, curved snout. Scholars have speculated that the head is everything from a dog, to an aardvark, to an okapi, to a fish (with the squared-off ears representing fins). Most have given up and just refer to it as the "Set animal" or "Typhonian animal" (linking Set to the Greek god Typhon, who also was a god of storms and chaos). Set is the patron deity of soldiers, foreigners, and redheads. His sister Nepthys is his wife, and in some variations of the myth, the god Anubis is their son. Set also has other wives and concubines, the most notable among them being Tawaret (the hippo-headed goddess of pregnancy and childbirth), and Neith, with whom he fathered the crocodile-headed river god, Sobek.




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